Frequently asked questions

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Howdo I become a customer?

You can place an order on this website and choose a part of the day, then we will visit you on Friday/Saturday. A number of products have to be orderd, other products can both be ordered online as purchased on the spot.

If necessary, you can order directly from the delivery person for the next time, but of course you can also order online the second time.

How soon do you deliver?

Verpakkings Vrij Vegan is not a regular webshop that delivers everything after a few days. We deliver every Friday and Saturday. If you order no later than Wednesday, you can expect us the next Friday or Saturday; that means that if you order on Thursday or Friday, we will be at your door the following week. We need a relatively long time because many products are not packaged in plastic especially for us. So we have to order from the suppliers before the weekly production cycle.

 Where do you deliver?


We currently deliver to Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Duivendrecht, Diemen, Oudekerk aan de Amstel, Holysloot, Durgerdam, Ransdorp, Zunderdorp and Driemond. Later on, we will expand our delivery area and also deliver to other cities and villages, we know of interest from the Haarlemmermeer, Zaanstad and Weesp.

When do you deliver?

 We deliver on Friday and Saturday, with the timings dependent on where you live. See at the bottem of the pageHow does it work?for the exact timings for your neighbourhood.

Do you always work with a deposit?

No, each product is also available separately, so without a deposit. You must have your own pot or container ready.


Do I always have to have anything and everything ready?

We also offer most products in a deposit. The products for which this does not apply are usually vegan cheeses or burgers that are sold individually. If you don't have your own bin, you can also get it in a paper bag.

Do you have a physical store?

Verpakking Vrij Vegan's cargo bike is waiting for you at fixed places every week at various points. See the bottom half of the pageHow does it work?for the exact locations.

The cargo bike is at the door and all my storage jars are in use – now what?

 You can then get your products in deposit pots. Incidentally, you can of course always get a 'replenishment' in a storage jar that already has some in it. The exceptions are soy drink and soyghurt: for the shelf life it is necessary to thoroughly clean the bottles or containers in which this goes in between.

Why do some products have to be ordered?

Some products, like the soy drink, soyghurt, and vegan cheese have a limited shelf life (without packaging). We therefore also order them from our suppliers based on the orders received. During production, the suppliers keep the part separate from the rest for us and do NOT pack that part in plastic. 

You can also buy the long-life products on the spot. We recommend checking on the day itself whether you still want pasta, nuts or burgers – ordering is easier because you don't have to plan so far in advance for many products.

Are your products organic? And do you have certifications?

We buy many products organically and we know that most others produce equivalent or even better than organic. Formally, we are not allowed to sell anything as organic because we ourselves are not certified organic and it concerns unpackaged food.

They are not quality marks, but we proudly carry the following guarantees:


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